There are cities which are famous for just one thing, like cheese steak sandwiches in Philly, or beaches in Miami. There are also cities that are famous for a number of things, as is the case in Denver. The Mile High City is known from coast to coast like butter on toast for all kinds of things. Denver is well-known for its food and music scene, and the amazingly healthy people that live in Denver. The largest city in Colorado is also known for one very special thing that some people might not know about; windows of Denver. That’s correct, since the late 80’s; Denver has been the leading window maker and designer in the country. The window scene in Denver is only getting bigger and bigger as time goes on too. Last year a Denver based windows seller broke a number of industry records for sales through their website at, www.1stchoicewindowsandsiding.com. You see, the whole country has started taking notice of the amazing window that Colorado has to offer. Some people may not yet be familiar with the window scene out of Denver, and for those folks we have prepared the following article that will tell us a little bit more about why windows are such a big deal in the city of Denver.

The first thing that makes the window industry such a major deal in Denver is the fact that so many home decoration experts study and work in the city. The three best ranking design schools in the country are all currently located in Denver, which means that a lot of the hottest deals hitting the market come from the city. Since Denver has such a great quality of life, many of the elite designers live and work in Denver after they have graduated from school, which gives the city a lot of creative power in the world of window design.

Besides being a leader in the design of windows, Denver is also one of the largest producers in the country. Some of the largest windows manufactures in the nation work in or near Denver. The city of Denver has been an excellent point for making and distributing home improvement products since the late 80’s when the shift form east coast production started heading west. Thanks to the fact that Denver is right in the middle of the United States, the city can easily ship its products to major cities in the east and east coast. Around one out of every five windows made today is manufactured in Denver, making it the largest producer of windows by far.

Finally, window in Denver are a bug deal because people in Denver are obsessed with making their homes look amazing. The same way that a city like LA is filled with people that are always thinking about the clothes they are wearing, a city like Denver has residents that are always thinking about how they can make their homes more beautiful. The culture of trying to have the most beautiful home has been one of the leading reasons why there is so much importance put on windows in Denver.

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