Why Online Therapy is Becoming Popular

Online therapy is a unique alternative to psychotherapy and has such benefits such as being more effective and much cheaper for the client. Through the technology of the internet online counsellors, therapists, psychologists, e-therapists, marriage and family counsellors, social workers, or any other qualified mental health professional, can provide therapy sessions with the use of webcams, chat rooms, or with the use of a telephone.

For those clients who wish to have a more private and anonymous online therapy experience, they can access a chat based format which allows for the therapeutic relationship to exist only in the exchange of messages.T his form of cyber-counseling was one of the first types of e-therapy services created, after emails of course.

Video-conferencing in online therapy provides the closest experience to traditional psychotherapy. Many counselors have integrated tele-counselling through the use of a media server so that the video-conferencing during the e-therapy session is sharp, vivid, and fluid. This allows the therapist and the client to see each other almost as if they are in the same room together like traditional psychotherapy.

Tele-counseling, or telephone therapy, is also offered on our e-therapy website. Here the online therapy session is conducted over the phone. Some traditional psychotherapists have used this model for quite some time. It allows the client more privacy as they are not seen. Counselors must rely on the ability to distinguish voice inflection with the lack of visual cues. However, this is also an effective way of therapy.

Emails are also used in online counseling as the counselors do offer video-email exchange. The client submits an email with their presenting problems and the therapist provides a response in the form of a video. Online therapy is an inexpensive and fastest way which you can use to get counseling services without incurring a lot of costs.

E-therapy is booming and has become extremely popular at a rapid rate and offers many advantages over traditional forms of psychotherapy and life coaching. The internet therapy is no exception as tremendous convenience is provided through the lack of geographical constraints,(a client can be sitting at home during e-therapy) or loss of time as both therapist and client do not need to travel to an office in online counseling.

Online therapy is much more affordable than traditional therapy as the therapist does not have to pass massive overhead costs onto the client.E-therapists can provide services to clients at rates that are less expensive than some insurance companies. This allows counselors and therapists to work with a greater number of people in various socio-economic statuses, fulfil the duties of the helping profession, and all without limiting services to only wealthy clients. These experts are also able to service clients Nationwide. Online therapy is also known to increase honesty. It has been studied that clients may be more forthcoming on the Internet than in person

More and more people are connecting to the internet and e-therapy is going to have a greater impact on the mental health field. With a great promise for the future online therapy is going to the best way for many people who have any issues in their lives.

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