There are so many different things which separate cosmetic dentists from traditional ones that it would require a small book to list them all. We decided to interview staff members from www.levinfamilydental.com and get their take on what makes being a cosmetic dentist special, or different. One important fact that we would like to remind our readers of is that cosmetic dentists are specialist that work in a very specific area of oral care, but they can’t replace a regular dentist. Any cosmetic dentist that you ask will tell you that in order to have a healthy and beautiful smile you must make regular trips to your family dentist. People that aren’t taking care of their teeth’s overall health will present more difficulties for cosmetic dental work.

One of the biggest things that separate cosmetic dentist from the rest is how much time they spend in the operating room. Though most people might not associate a dentist with surgery, the average cosmetic dentists spends about three fourths of his time in the operating room. There are hundreds of common cosmetic operations which require the patient to go under in order to be worked on. Dental implants require a patient to spend hours on the operating table, and in cases where patients are receiving numerous dental implants; a patient could be in surgery for six to eight hours. Increasingly, the number of dental operations which are done by cosmetic surgeons has stated to go up. Dental extractions were once an operation which was done primarily by a regular dentist, but these days it is becoming uncommon for traditional dentist to perform any type of operation which could have a serious impact on the esthetic appearance of a person’s mouth. Many dentists from different areas of the dental field have predicted that in the future the number of surgical operations given over to cosmetic dentists will rise substantially.

Another defining quality of cosmetic dentists is the fact that they have to study more than any other kind of dentists, and they have to study throughout their career. Regular dentists spend about eight years in the university, while cosmetic dentists might be in the university for ten years or more, depending on their area. Regular dentists are required to take recertification classes about once every five years, while cosmetic dentists might be have to take recertification classes once every six months. In fact, the world of cosmetic dentistry is changing so rapidly that cosmetic dentists almost never stop reading and researching the new methods for basic cosmetic operations. Each time that a major new cosmetic operation becomes standard practice, there is also usually a new tool that the dentist has to learn to use before they can start updating their own procedures. A lot of cosmetic dentists joke that of they were paid for all the extra training they had to do each year, they would all be millionaires. The quantity of extra education that cosmetic dentists have to undergo is so great that the statement might actually be true.

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