When people think of home automation they tend to think about futuristic homes in which every possible need is only a push of a button or a voice command away. While it is true that the modern home automation systems have done a great deal to make the everyday lives of people simpler and more enjoyable, there are other areas in which home automation has taken on a more important job. www.avconnectonline.com recently released an article which detailed different kinds of people who are able to specifically benefit from modern home automation systems, and the elderly were at the top of the list. In fact, there are nearly two million senior citizens who are currently living in homes with automation systems that help them complete a wide range of tasks each day. The number of seniors who use automation systems is only expected to grow in the coming years, as many insurance companies have started to recognize home automation systems as part of a care plan for older Americans. In the article below we will highlight a few of the features of home automation systems that help older people live a more productive and easy life.

The voice command systems are very popular among older folks, and especially those who have mobility problems. Voice command features are the most popular of all home automation applications, but they are really a huge help to older people who have a hard time getting around.  Modern home automation systems sold today are equipped with video cameras that stream video feeds of different areas of the home and patio area to display screens around the house. Older people can see who knocks at their door, or what their grandchildren are doing in their rooms, and they can use voice command to communicate with anyone in or near the home, not to mention being able to open and close doors by voice command alone. For people that are not able to easily walk around their homes, the voice command systems are a huge benefit of living in a home with an automation system. Voice command can even do useful tasks like call an ambulance in an emergency, or activate an alarm system if the resident is heading out of the home for the day. If you or someone you know is having a hard time completing simple tasks in the home due to mobility issues, a home automation system might be the right option for making life easier.

The other big help that modern automation systems provide the elderly with are talking reminders. Automated homes have talking reminder systems that alert the residents if they need to go to the doctor for their monthly visit, or just to take their pills after lunch. Reminder that sound all over the home provide an excellent tool for making sure that people with memory issues don’t forget to do all the important things from day to day. Some modern automation systems even have technology that allows the home to know when an important task has not been done, so the system can continue to remind the owner that they have a pending task to attend to.


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