Uranium Production is Very Important to Our Economy

Since uranium is one of our most valuable resources, we should value it and treat it like the fuel resource that it is. You can’t put a price on something that we use on a daily basis for our daily living and for the good of our country. With some groups complaining that it is causing pollution and takes away lands that could be used for better purposes, this just isn’t true. Uranium mining has been safely mined for many years. The lands that are being mined are vital for the good of the resources that we need. Our country is not overrun with uranium mines. This is a falsehood and should be regarded as such. We need to protect our natural resources and have the right to use them for what they are needed for. If certain political groups are allowed to interfere with the protection to the point of extinction, this is just wrong. Like the lumber industry that was pretty much destroyed by those groups protesting that our lumber needs to be protected, you can look back and see what has happened. uranium miningMost of the lumber mills in the Northwest were shut down in the 80’s because of this very thing. The result was that our country started having to get their lumber from foreign countries. Our natural lumber industry had been shut down by these groups getting their way. Now the forest fires are out of hand every year because that natural thinning process that used to occur with the use of lumber, by lumber companies, is gone. This is a tragedy.

With the present political group, we have hope for the future of uranium mining and uranium production. Uranium production is a vital part of our country’s utilization of the many things that we use uranium for in the United States. More uses are being discovered all of the time and it’s time to open new uranium mines. We can’t let this vital resource be extinguished, like the lumber industry was. We are a very smart country, but special interests groups have been able to come in and get their way. With bureaucrats in politics, they have been able to succeed with there agenda and it’s time to stop that. We have been given natural resources for a reason and that is to use them. Of course, we need to be smart about it and make sure that it is monitored. But we know how to safely mine uranium and we have been doing it for many years.

The company of Energy Fuels can tell you all the things that you want to know about uranium mining. The process of mining it and how it is taken out of the rocks is a process that you can read out. This process is safe and environmentally friendly. It has been perfected so that it complies with safety rules and is not a problem. It has been safely mined for many years and hopefully for many years to come.

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