Reception Venue

When you’re looking for the best venue to host party reception, there are a number of things you should know. Not only should it suit your needs but also should it be beautiful. Some things are common like the style and size of the space, but there are also some things which can bring a lot of problem and you should avoid them.

Things to avoid when choosing a wedding reception venue

One: A place which has a lot of hidden fees. Many brides today are on a budget, and they try hard to shop around for the most affordable wedding jewelry and gown, photographer, and also venue. But be sure to do your due diligence on what a low quote includes. Some venues may cost more upfront but the price is the price; other places will quote you an attractively low price per head to get you to sign a contract, but will nickel-and-dime you to death on the other end. Hidden costs to look out for include corkage fees, cake cutting fees, taxes and gratuities, overtime charges, coat check, valet parking, and so forth. Sometimes the cheapest deal in town is not as good as it looks at first glance!

Reception venue

Two: A location which is difficult to access. Sometimes brides will choose gorgeous outdoor settings like mountain tops for their receptions. They offer breathtaking scenery, and a minimal fee to reserve, which is great when you are aiming to get an affordable price on your ceremony needs like gown and wedding jewelry as well as the reception site, food, and all the rest. But before you choose a mountain overlook for your reception, think about how accessible it will be for your guests. Is any hiking over uneven terrain required? How will your beloved grandmother who uses a walker get there? Is the location up a steep and winding mountain road? Do you feel comfortable with your guests driving down the road at the end of the reception in the dark after having a few drinks? Always consider accessibility when selecting a location.

Three: A venue which books back to back events on the same day is definitely a place to avoid. There are just so many things which can go wrong in this scenario. If you have the first wedding of the day, you will be rushed out the door at the end of your time slot, and your guests may even still be there when the staff rushes in to turn over the room. If yours is the second wedding reception in the space, you may arrive to find that the room has not been well-cleaned, has lingering food aromas from the previous event, or is just plain not ready when it is time to begin your reception. You will also have very limited time to set up your decorations. Your best bet is to stay away from places which book events so close together.

Four: Beware of venues which demand payment in full just to reserve them for your date. Every reception site will require a large deposit when you sign the contract (50% would not be unreasonable), but you should never be required to pay in full months and months before your event. That can be a sign that the business is in trouble, and there might even be a risk of the venue folding before your wedding and taking your money with them. The customary procedure is to place a deposit to reserve the date and then to pay the balance on a specified date close to your wedding. If a reception hall requires a 100% deposit, run the other way.

Five: Another red flag is a venue where the staff seems disorganized. If your phone calls go unreturned when you are trying to make an appointment so see the reception site or it takes them a month to get back to you with a quote for holding your event there, that is a bad sign. If that is how they treat you when they are trying to lure you in as a customer, imagine how it would be once they already had your booking. Should a problem arise, you would have a very hard time getting it resolved at such a disorganized site. Always look for a wedding venue with a staff which inspires confidence, because you deserve to have your wedding reception go as smoothly as possible.

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