Orthopedic rehab is all about strengthening and rehabilitating muscles and joints.

http://www.coloradoorthorehab.comAt one time or another, just about everyone is going to need orthopedic rehab. In case you’re not familiar with the term, orthopedic is the branch of medicine that involves working with irregularities in the bones and muscles of the human body. Obviously, there are lots of different reasons why a person might need orthopedic rehab. Perhaps you recently had a shoulder surgery and you need to rehab your shoulder to get it back to strength, or maybe you twisted your ankle recently and you want to strengthen it so that you don’t deal with another sprained ankle the next time you play basketball. Really, any type of pain that a person is feeling that’s related to their muscles, joints, or their bones can be treated via orthopedic rehab.

The people who perform orthopedic rehab are known as physical therapists, and they’re trained doctors who have made it their career to help people regain the strength and mobility in the parts of their body that are starting to fail them. Physical therapists see a lot of athletes who deal with tightness and athletic injuries, and they also see a lot of older patients who are starting to deal with chronic pain, strength, and mobility issues all throughout their body. The name of the game in orthopedic rehabilitation is strength and mobility. If a person is able to regain their strength in a joint or muscle, that often leads to their pain issues subsiding. Likewise, as people get older or as parts of the body start to break down, such as an athlete’s knees, improving mobility can often be the perfect recipe for allowing people to regain the function of that part of their body.

Let’s say, for example, that an athlete has started to deal with pain in their hips. Every time they play their sport or do leg exercises in the weight room, their hips are causing them pain. In such a case, they would consult with a physical therapist to see if orthopedic rehab could help them. In most such instances, the physical therapist would identify that their pain issues are the result of a lack of mobility. When they stretch down low or run in short bursts, their hip isn’t mobile enough, which is resulting in extra pressure being put on their labrum. By getting the patient to go through a series of stretches each morning and night, in addition to coming into the physical therapy clinic once a week to have the physical therapist stretch them out, the mobility in the hips can be improved, and their chronic pain issues can be resolved.

This hypothetical situation is common in physical therapy clinics. People come in complaining about pain or lack of strength issues, and such issues can easily be resolved by taking the patient through regular and consistent orthopedic rehab. Thus, physical therapy clinics like Colorado Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists are helping patients to regain their quality of life by improving their strength and mobility throughout their body.

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