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It is often said that those who succeed in business and in life are those who are not afraid to fail and are ready to delve into the unknown. People who take risks are often the ones who end up reaping the biggest rewards. Mike and Ruthie Swartzlander are a couple that decided to take this leap of faith and open their own manufacturing business, Cutter Innovations. This paid off not only in the business sense but also because the two now have a flexible work schedule that allows them to spend time with their children. Mike has a background in automation while his wife Ruthie has one in aerospace engineering. However, Mike discovered a passion for machining which helped start the idea of Cutter Innovations which they eventually decided to start in 2012 with only a lathe and a 3-axis milling machine.

Today, Cutter Innovations based in Colorado is a state of the art manufacturing company. It specializes in aerospace precision machining of exotic metals as well as product development. The company has a combined staff experience of over fifty years despite a majority of workers being less than thirty years old. This enables the company to have a young and vibrant personnel who bring new ideas to the team. The company combines this with more than twenty years of research and development in engineering to ensure customer satisfaction and maintenance of their high standards while protecting the intellectual rights of its clientele.

While aerospace is the focal point of the firm’s operations, Cutters Innovations have widened its array of services to suit the needs of today’s dynamic industry. Cutter Innovations delivers components for deep sea exploration, nuclear waste handling and industries such as medical, aerospace, oil and gas as well as other energy sources. The company’s production capacity varies from low to mid volume. Cutter Innovations is still at the start-up stage and as such most of its revenues are redirected into the company. It is, however, important to note that the company has doubled its sales for every year since its inception. In 2015, the company purchased a 5-axis milling machine that boosted production. The company continues to buy new technology that enables them to stay up to speed with the best in the industry.

What sets Cutter Innovations apart is their ability to grow with their clients from idea infancy to production highlighting their competitive abilities. The company also encourage teamwork with machinists and programmers working together in the shop. The company applies an open book policy with its clients to enhance transparency during bidding with clients getting prototypes within two days. This allows customers to be part of the development of the solutions to each client’s unique needs. While the company has made tremendous strides in a relatively short period, it still faces numerous challenges in operation such as retention of its highly skilled employees. However, anyone looking for nimble and precise service would do very well to find a better company than Cutter Innovations. However, anyone looking for nimble and precise service would do very well to find a better company than Cutter Innovations.


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