Cannabis Oil and Food

Cannabis oil is an oil that is basically extracted from cannabis that is infused with alcohol. Another name for cannabis oil is green dragon. That seems like a scary Organic CBD Dropsname for a product that is far from scary. It is actually very safe to use. Cannabis oil is a great alternative for someone who is looking for the benefits of cannabis without having to smoke.


Cannabis oil is very easy to use because it has a dropper that will help you measure precisely how much you are taking. You can simply drop the cannabis oil in your mouth under your tongue or you can incorporate it into food. Adding it to food or drink it a great option because it will be easier to consume and it does not have many calories in it. Some people will say why not just eat an edible then? It is very hard to measure the dosage in edibles but when you use a tincture the dosage is exact, therefore much safer.


You can integrate the oil into all different kinds of foods and liquids. If you mix up a smoothie in the morning you can put your drops into the blender and mix it in. Another option is mixing the oil in your favorite juice. If you enjoy making your own ice cream at home you could put a few drops in there. You can also put the drops in store-bought ice cream, just make sure it’s not too frozen so it’s easy to mix in. If it’s cold outside you could make your favorite soup or chili and put the drops in there. Again you can always add it to store-bought soups as well. If you are making a big batch of soup just make sure you add the correct amount and label it so people know there is oil in it. Another easy option is you could add it to any salad dressing you use.


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If you do not want to buy the product you can also make it at home. The main items you need to make cannabis oil at home are a jar, strainer, alcohol, and cannabis. The first step is to grind the flower. Then you will need to decarboxylate it. Decarboxylate is basically turning the THCA into THC. This is needed so you can experience the benefits of THC. Decarboxylation is basically curing and drying cannabis. The next step is to mix it with alcohol. Usually, people will use everclear brand. Then shut the jar and let it be for about three weeks. Make sure you shake it once a day. Then once the three weeks are up, take the jar and filter the product out. There are many other recipes out there but this is one option to try. While this seems easy enough it will be safest and faster to just order from a certified producer like Ojai Energetics.

The Four C’s

If you are interested in purchasing or looking at diamonds you should know about the four C’s. The four C’s are the top characteristics of a diamond and they include cut, color, carat and clarity.


The top characteristic is going to be the cut of the diamond. The cut of the diamond is what makes it sparkle. If you have a diamond that has great color and clarity, if the cut is poor then it will not sparkle. If a diamond does not have a high cut then it will look dull. A diamond that has a poor cut will not be worth as much. When examining a diamond’s cut you will want to look for a diamond that has light coming out of the top of it. If you want the best diamond possible you should look for a cut that is labeled as ‘Ideal Cut’. There is only about 3% of diamonds out there that are cut like this. Ideal cut means that the diamond will pretty much reflect all of the light that goes into it.


The second characteristic to look for is color. If you are looking for the best quality diamond then it will be colorless. If you notice a diamond has a pale yellow color, this means that it is not a high-quality diamond. There is an official color scale that ranges from D to Z. D is the best and that means it is colorless and Z is the worst and that means it is pale yellow. If you are looking for a good value diamond then you should look for a diamond that is rated G or H. They are almost colorless so they are fairly priced.


The third characteristic to look for in a diamond is carat. The carat is confusing for a lot of people as they usually think it is referring to the size of diamond but it is actually in reference to the diamond’s weight. When picking out a diamond you need to look at carat and cut together. If a diamond is cut poorly it is going to look smaller, even if the carat is large. If you want to buy smart, buy a diamond that has a carat size that is just under a whole or half number. For example, instead of buying a 3.0-carat diamond, buy a 2.9 instead.


The fourth characteristic to look for is clarity. The clarity refers to any imperfections within the diamond. These imperfections include blemishes and inclusions. If you want the best diamond then you will want one that has the least amount of inclusions. These diamonds will get the highest grades. While diamond clarity is important, it is actually the characteristic you should focus on the least. There are 11 different grades for clarity.
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