5 Common Causes Of Roof Damage That Homeowners Should Know.

The roof is actually one of the first things that symbolizes a beautiful house. One of the most annoying things that one can have from a perfect house is a leaking roof.  The cost of roof repair  can be overwhelming depend on the extent of the damage.  Avoiding roof damage in the first place is important and it all begins when you know what causes the damage.

Some of the common causes of roof damage and how to control or avoid them are as follows.-

1.      Damaged or broken shingles.

It is very easy to notice if you have a damaged shingle. By just looking up your roof you can notice immediately that some of your shingles are broken or missing. It is even easier as you will see parts of the shingles having fallen from your roof especially after a severe storm or strong winds. After noticing this, you will need to repair them soonest because they can cause great damage to your ceiling especially if there is a down pour.

2.      Overusing your roof.

 In some instances you will find people on rooftops maybe going to repair the chimney or aerial and installing other things. Overdoing this will cause too much weight on your roof and it may give way to the weight. It can also dent the roof especially the corrugated sheets. With time they tend to tear and let water through them.

3.      Poor installation of sky lights.

Any modification of the roof is bound to cause a problem every now and then. You will notice that when installing a sky light you will need to use t material that is completely water tight at the edges. Failure to this you will notice mould around the sky light and probably drops of water inside the house directly below the sky light. You will need to be extra cautious when installing the lights and make sure it is water tight. A better way to do this is by making sure you install the sky light slightly above the level of the roof.

4.      The roof is too old.

No matter how good the roof material is, it is bound to undergo wear and tear. With time the material will weaken and it will wear off. If the roof is too old, the material will give way to anything that applies pressure to it. You will find that even the raindrops if very heavy will break the roof and give way. So if the roof is too old, the best option is to have a roof repair done and if possible you can completely redo the roofing.

5.      Gutter leaks.

When left unattended to, the gutters are likely to clog and will just not drain. This is mostly caused by gutter inadequacy or pitching the gutters poorly. A house needs adequate gutters to be able to serve the amount of water flowing during a heavy downpour. Occasional cleaning is also advised to avoid blockage. This may be caused mostly by leaves from the trees near the house and could even across a period of time cause the gutters to tear and have holes in them.

RoofingThese are just a few causes of roof damage but there are many more reasons why it happens. If you aren’t sure you can always ask a professional’s opinion of course from a reputable roofing company and get advice on the way forward.