Geology and Earth Sciences
Ask A Geologist
Email your questions about geology and earth science to US Geological Survey geologists
Charlotte, The Vermont Whale
The story of the discovery of the bones of a whale beneath the fields of rural Vermont, and the geological history that explains how it came to be there
Earthquake Information
Information about earthquakes, from the U.S. Geological Survey

Earthquake of the Day
From the CalTech Seismological Laboratory

The Geology of Radon
Presents information on radon, how is it formed, and how it permeates into buildings

Malin’s Antarctic Research
Images, videos and descriptions of geological research in Antarctica

Marine Geology: Research Beneath the Sea
Learn about the study of the ocean floor

Smithsonian Gem and Mineral Collection
Pictures and descriptions of highlights of the collection

Understanding Our Planet Through Chemistry
Explains how chemistry is used to analyze the geology and compostion of the earth

Volcano World
Educational information and images about volcanoes

The U.S. Geological Survey home page
Contains a wealth of information on geology, the environment, terrain, maps, earth sciences, etc

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